CheckIn App - Checking in Your Attendees

Your Event Admins can use our CheckIn app (available in the app stores for Android and iOS) to check-in your attendees the day of your event.  

Logging Into App

You will access the app with the same login and password used for the Admin Portal and EventsXD app. If you would like to have additional admins access the app to help check in attendees, just add them as Event Admins through the Admin Portal (they must create an EventsXD account first).  You can read more about adding Event Admins here.

After a successful login, you will see a list of the upcoming and current events in which you are an Event Admin.  Begin by selecting the event you are checking in attendees for. 



Attendees can be checked in either by scanning their EventsXD ticket or manually from your Attendee List. 


Scan Ticket

To scan an EventsXD ticket, select 'Scan Ticket' and focus scanner over QR Code located on the attendee ticket.  Once the ticket is scanned, verify the information is correct, and select 'Check in Attendee'.  Your attendee will now show as 'Checked In' in the Admin Portal.  


Attendee List

If your attendee does not have their ticket, simply search for them in your attendee list by Name or Email. When the correct attendee is located, select 'Check in Attendee'.  Your attendee will not show as 'Checked In' in the Admin Portal.

You can pull a report of your attendee list from the Admin Portal.  You can read more about it here.





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