Review & Delete Your Tweets

If the event will be using Twitter, the feed is in Pulse so attendees can see what people are chatting about online. This Twitter feed is populated by two things, Twitter handles and hashtags. It provides attendees with the opportunity to see not only what admins are tweeting, but what all the other attendees are tweeting as well. The Twitter feed is updated every 15 minutes.  The user can click on individual tweets and it will open in their device browser. Twitter information is input on the Overview page.

The Event Admin has the ability to review the Tweets being posted and delete any (as needed).

  1. Select ‘Tweets’ from the left navigation bar
  2. All current Tweets listed in the app can be viewed here
  3. Select the Tweets to be deleted.
  4. Click 'Delete Tweets'

Note:  These Tweets will not be deleted from Twitter, just from the app


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