Custom App & Website Branding


Custom app and website branding is available as a Premium Feature.  This enables you to customize the background image for your event in our app, customize the hero image displayed on your event website, as well as customize your event logos and hide icons as needed to truly make the app fit your event needs.

We recommend muted, or lighter text used within the background app image so it doesn't make it difficult for attendees to read your event text over it.

To customize icons and add branding:

1. Select 'Branding' from the left navigation bar

2. Create a title for your theme

  • This is only for your reference and not displayed in the app

3. Select your Accent Color 

  • This color will be applied to the icon labels.
  • If you know your Hex Code you can input the code or you can use our color picker.
  • This color will also be the accent color used on your event website.

4. Select your Text Color (applied to app only)

  • If you are using a darker background, we recommend using white. For lighter backgrounds, you may select black.

Custom Navigation

1.  Create your custom navigation

  • Click and drag icons to reorder
  • Click on an icon to rename and/or add your own custom icon image
    • Icon Names
      • Customize your icon name and review in the app to ensure the number of characters works well with your event data.
      • The Icon Names will be used in both the app and on your event website.
    • Icon Image
      • Upload the largest icon image required, 320 x 320 pixels and the system will create all the other necessary sizes (for all devices supported by EventsXD).
      • If a smaller size is loaded first, all images will need to be sized manually.
      • If an image is not loaded for one of the sizes, the default image will be displayed in the app.
      • The required sizes are:
        • 320x320
        • 240x240
        • 160x160
        • 120x120
        • 80x80
        • 40x40
    • Hiding Icons
      • If there is a navigation icon that is not needed for your event, click into the icon and move the selector to 'Yes' on 'Hide This Item' on the top right.
      • This navigation icon will no longer appear in the app or on the event website.


Custom App & Website Background Image Branding

Three files will need to be created, 1 for phone, 1 for tablets and 1 for website

1. Click 'Select Files' to download your branding image

  • For phones: Image requirements:
    • PNG file type & 480 x 800 pixels in dimension &
    • Less than 1mb in size
  • For tablets: Image requirements:
    • PNG file type & 1900 x 1200 pixels in dimension &
    • Less than 3mb in size
  • For website hero image: Image requirements:
    • PNG file type & 1920 x 800 pixels in dimension &
    • Less than 3mb in size

If you need an example, just select 'click here' to download a design file.

Note for website hero image:  The website background is set up to be a background and not a logo.  This means that it will be cropped depending on the screen resolution.  We recommend images that can handle cropping, such as our default image which continues to be a usable image as it is sized for various screen resolutions.  Images with logos or specific details at the top or bottom may be cropped, depending on the screen resolution of the user.

Example image:


 2.  Click 'Save'




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