Adding an Event Logo

Add your event logo on the Overview page.  It will be listed on our app main menu so attendees can quickly and easily find your event.

We recommend a white or similar colored background (the logo appears on a black background, so a white background pops well).  An image on a transparent background with dark writing will not work well visually against the black EventBoard background.

  1. Select 'Overview' from the left navigation menu
  2. From the Overview page, click 'Edit'
  3. Find the Conference Logo field

    4.  Click 'Select Files' to download your logo

    • Your logo should be a PNG file type &
    • 332 x 126 pixels in dimension &
    • less than 50kb in size

    5.  If you need an example, just select 'click here' to download a

design file.

6.  Click 'Save'

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