Add Session Types & Enable Survey

Session Types is a filter attendees can use in the app.  It is a grouping of various sessions into general categories that make it easier for attendees to find out what is going on at the event.  Example: If there is a keynote, raise the awareness by creating a category for it so everyone is aware of it, who will be talking and when.  Event admins know that attendees love the free food at conferences, so add a category for meals or help with registration, networking events, etc.  

 To add Session Types:

  1. Select ‘Sessions’’ from the left navigation bar
  2. From the Session screen, click ‘Manage Session Types’
  3. Click ‘Add Session Type’
  4. Fill in the data for Session Type:
    • Name (required)
    • Description
    • Show on Agenda

The event organizer can control which items are in all attendees My Agenda (personalized agendas) and which items attendees add themselves using the star button located on each session detail screen.  By selecting “Show on Agenda” all sessions related to this type will appear in the attendees’ My Agenda filter.  Examples of these could include meals, registration, keynote speeches, breaks, etc.  Other items, like breakout sessions and workshops or items where attendees have concurrent sessions to choose from, should not have this field checked so they can personalize their agenda with the sessions they choose to attend.  

    • Enable Survey

If Enable Survey is checked, all sessions included in this type will have a survey associated with it.


      5.  Click ‘Add’. You have created a Session Type!  

The Session Types will appear in the list and it can be edited or deleted as necessary.

Note:  Session Types can also be added on the Session screen


Example of the Session Types screen in the app:





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