Create Session Times

Session Times are used to create the event schedule, as well as act as a filter for attendees within the app.  

  • If the event has a linear schedule, where all attendees will be in the same sessions, enter a session time for each session and when the sessions are created, assign each session to the appropriate session time.
  • If the event has breakout sessions, workshops or other session types where you need concurrent sessions, it is a snap to set it up.  As you create your sessions, just add the same session time to each concurrent session.  Attendees will be able to view all sessions happening at a particular time and quickly decide which one works for them and add to their personal agenda.

 To add Session Time to your event:

  1. Select ‘Session Times’ from the left navigation bar
  2. From the Session Time screen, click ‘Add Session Time’
  3. Fill in the data for each Session Time
  • Name/Description (required)

The name can be anything that applies to the schedule.  Examples include time (January 1, 2016) or if there are concurrent sessions, you can choose to name them Early Afternoon Sessions, Mid Afternoon Sessions, Morning Session, etc.

  • Start Date & Time (required)
  • End Date & Time (required)

     4.  Click ‘Add’.  You have created a Session Time!  

The Session Time will appear in the list and it can be edited or deleted as necessary.

Note:  Time Slots can also be added on the Sessions screen.  Each session is REQUIRED to have a session time assigned to it.

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