Add Event Resources

Save time, money and the environment by providing all material digitally in the app. Event resources are available to all attendees and are featured on the event homepage in the app. When attendees open a resource it will open in the browser of the device so they can easily bookmark, save or email it to view later.  Resources are not currently available via your event website, only in the app.

We are currently working to resolve an issue with adding resources in the Safari browser.  If you are using Safari and you are unable to load a PDF or other resource, please try using Chrome.  

  1. Click ‘Resources’ in the left navigation bar
  2. Click ‘Add Resource’
  3. Fill in the data for your Resource:
    • Name
    • Content Type (direct upload or external link)
  4.   Select ‘File Type Icon’
  5.   Click ‘Add’. You have added an event resource!

Note: acceptable types are PDF, PowerPoint or images - there is a 3 MB limit per resource.

The resource will appear in the list and it can be edited or deleted as necessary.

Example of the Event Resources icon in the app:

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