Add Sponsors


  1. Select ‘Sponsors’ from the left navigation bar
  2. From the Sponsor screen, click ‘Add Sponsor’
  3. Fill in the data for the Sponsor:
    • Name (required)
    • Description
    • URL
    • Twitter
  1. Choose a Sponsorship Level
    • If Sponsorship Levels haven’t been set, use the button to add


    • Use the drop down to select a level



  1. Next, choose the option to have Sponsors appear in the Sponsor Showcase in the app.  
    • If the box is selected, the sponsor will appear in the app’s Sponsor Showcase 
    • If the box is not selected, they will only appear on the Sponsor screen


  1.  Next, upload the Sponsor’s logo.  Hit ‘Select File’.  Acceptable formats are .PNG, .JPG or .EPS. The image should be 160x100 and less than 512kb in size.
  2.  Click ‘Add’.  You have created a Sponsor!

The Sponsor will appear in the Sponsor list and it can be edited or deleted as necessary.



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