Create a Session


  1. Select ‘Sessions’ from the left navigation bar
  2. From the Session screen, click ‘Add Session’
  3. Fill in the data for the Session
  • Title (require)
  • Description
  • Code
  • Choose a Session Time, Room, Session Type, Level, Speaker, Track, Audience, and Tags
    • Use the drop down to select the value


    • If the value has not been set, use the button to add here

Note on Speakers:  The iOS app can display up to 8 speakers per session.  If you have more than 8 speakers, we suggest listing them in the session description section.

Note on Session Times:  Multiple sessions can be tied to one session time, so if you have concurrent sessions, just assign multiple sessions to a single session time.  Each session is REQUIRED to have a session time.

Note on Session Types: If you create a Survey, each session must be assigned a Session Type.  Then, activate the survey for the appropriate Session Types. See the Add Session Types article for more information.

    4.   Click ‘Add’.  You have created a Session!

Go to the items listed in the left navigation menu to edit or add to the values you created for your Sessions like Speakers, Time Slots, Tracks, etc.


Example of a Session Detail screen in the app:


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