Create Tracks


If the event has a few different topics that will be discussed throughout the conference that attendees will be following, setup tracks. Color coding the tracks helps your attendees stay organized and makes it easy for them to follow the track throughout the event and not miss a single related session.

To add Tracks to your event:

  1. Click on ‘Tracks’ in the left hand navigation
  2. Click ‘Add Track’
  3. Give your track a name and description
  4. Choose your track color from the drop down menu or enter a Hex Code (if known)
  5. Click ‘Add’.

Tracks will appear in the list and it can be edited or deleted as necessary.  They will be listed in the app in the same order they are entered into the Admin Portal. If a session is associated with more than one track, only the first track color will appear next to the Session name in the app (but it will show in both Track schedules).

Note:  Tracks can also be added on the Session screen.

Example of the Track and Track detail screen in the app:




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