Create Survey Questions


The survey can be assigned to multiple session types and all sessions under an assigned session type will receive the survey.  

To create a survey question:

  1. Select ‘Surveys’ from the left navigation bar
  2. From the Survey screen, select ‘Manage Survey Questions’
  3. Select ‘Add Question’
  4. Fill in the data for each question:
    • Question Text (required)
    • Choose your Question Type (required) from the dropdown
    • Choose your sort order (this is the order in which your questions will appear in the survey)
    • Check the “Required Response” box to make a question required before a survey can be submitted
  5. Click ‘Add’.  You have created a Survey Question!
  6. Next Step:  Surveys are controlled by Session Types. Read our Add Session Types & Enable Surveys article to learn how to assign your survey to sessions through Session Types.

Note: The ‘Survey’ button will appear in the app session detail screen 5 minutes after a session begins.

EventsXD allows for one conference survey (that can be applied to many different Session Types).  If you require multiple surveys for your conference, many events have successfully added links to outside survey providers as session or conference level links.


Example of the survey button and the survey screen in the app:




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