Admin Portal Basics

Learn about the EventsXD app and how to build and customize your event in the Admin Portal to get your event set up quickly.

Below are top tips to get you started using the Admin Portal:


  1. Use the left navigation bar to access the different areas of the portal.  Start with Conference Overview then go to Sessions screen to begin entering data.
  2. To add items select green ‘Add’ buttons.
  3. To edit/delete an item, select the item to be edited, navigate to the edit screen and make appropriate changes then click ‘Save’, ‘Cancel’ or ‘Delete’.
  4. Check out  tips for quick help or quickly search the Help Center for more detailed help or see how your data will appear in the EventsXD app.
  5. Need to search for a specific item in a list?  Select the   in the header of a list and use the search options to quickly find what you are looking for.



We hope these tips help you get the most out of the Admin Portal and enable you to create, customize and manage your event easier than ever before!













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