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Your event can offer/process refunds at your discretion.  We only offer full refunds on each order, we do not offer partial refunds.  We do not refund the Event Admin/Owner the EventsXD fee charged per ticket.  Our policy is as follows and can be read in our Terms & Conditions:

The availability and approval and/or denial of refunds is solely at the discretion of the Event Owner and/or Event Admin. When a ticket is initially purchased, the Event (Owner/Admin) is charged an EventsXD charge of 2.5% (with a maximum of $8.99) per ticket and a credit card processing fee of 2.9%+.30 per transaction.

If an attendee is granted a refund, they will receive a full refund of the purchase price.  The original credit card charge will be reversed.  As part of the full refund, the credit card processing fee is refunded, but the Event (Owner/Admin) will not be refunded the EventsXD charge of 2.5% (up to $8.99) per ticket, so this is paid back to the attendee from the Event (Owner/Admin) Stripe account.


Ticket Price - $50

  • EventsXD Fee - $1.25
  • Credit Card Processing Fee $1.75

= Total fees $3.00 & Ticket revenue of $47.00

When a refund is processed

  • Attendee receives $50 refund
    • $1.25 (EventsXD Fee) will be deducted Event Admin/Owner’s Stripe account (EventsXD does not refund its fee)
    • $47 (ticket revenue) will be deducted from Event Admin/Owner's Stripe account
    • $1.75 (credit card processing fee) will be refunded by Stripe

= Net revenue for ticket refund of -$1.25 (net loss of $1.25) for event owner/admin in this example

Stripe processes all financial transactions and provides details of how refunds are handled in different scenarios.  Below are helpful articles:


If you choose to refund an attendees order, you can complete this action following the steps below:

  1. Find the order on the Order tab and click the order number field.
  2. Review the order to ensure it is the correct order to be refunded.
  3. Click ‘Refund’ on the bottom of the Order detail screen.
  4. Confirm you understand and agree to our Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy and want to refund the order.
  5. Once the refund is processed, you will receive a success message.

You can view all orders that have been refunded on the Refund tab.

  • To export a list of all refunds for the event, click the ‘Export’ button above the grid and a CSV will automatically begin downloading.
  • If you want to view a specific order that refunded, click the order’s ‘Order No’ value and you will be redirected to the transaction.


Read more about ticketing here:

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