Ticketing - Review and Manage Attendees

From the ticketing area you can view a list of all event attendees by navigating to the ‘Attendees’ tab.

  • To export a list of all event attendees, click the ‘Export’ button above the grid and a CSV will automatically begin downloading.
  • You can view an attendee ticket by clicking ‘View Ticket’
  • Reassign a ticket to a different individual by clicking the ‘Reassign’ button on the attendee row. This will take you to the attendee reassignment form. Simply update the values as necessary and click ‘Save’. 
  • If you are utilizing our CheckIn app to check in your attendees the day of your event, their check in status will be reflected under "Checked In".  You can read more about the CheckIn app here.

Read more about ticketing here:


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