Manage Ticketing Settings

The ticketing area ‘Settings’ tab contains important configuration values, including the customizable purchase button text and the URL to the public event website where tickets can be purchased. 

To edit these values, click the ‘Edit Settings’ button, update the relevant fields on the resulting form, and click ‘Save’.

  • The Event Admin can choose to be CC’d on all ticket purchase confirmation emails that are sent to attendees.  The default option is ‘No’, so just click the option to activate it.
  • Set the name of the Buy button for your tickets/registration on your event website
  • You can choose to give your attendees access to later return and edit the answers they give during checkout. If you would like the questions open for editing, simply set the expiration date for the edits under "Settings" to the appropriate date.  Attendees will see the questions on their "Ticket" screen.


Please note that the URL to the event’s public web site is configured internally and is not editable.


Read more about ticketing here:

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