Ticketing - Discounts


If there is an attendee or group of attendees you would like to offer discounts to, you can create your own Discount Codes.

  1. Choose ‘Discounts’ in Ticketing
  2. Click ‘Add Discount’ and fill out the required fields:
    • Code
      • This is the code you will give your attendees so they can apply it at Check Out
    • Ticket Type
    • Number of Uses
    • Ticket Discount Type
      • Note: discounts are per ticket, not per cart. Example: If an attendee purchases 3 tickets in a single transaction and you have created a fixed discount of $10 per ticket, the attendee will receive the $10 discount on all 3 tickets purchased in the transaction.  You can control this by setting the Number of Uses field to the number of times the discount can be used.
    • Amount
    • Start Date
    • Expiration Date
    • Description

Click ‘Save’

You are now ready to share your discount code with your attendees.  Note: your ticketing processing fees will be based off the discounted ticket price.


Read more about ticketing here:

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