Create and Manage Ticketing Checkout Questions

Checkout questions will be shown to your attendees during the checkout process, after they select the ticket type they will be ordering.

To create a new checkout question, click the ‘Add Question’ button on the Checkout Questions tab. You will be able to choose from different question types to fit your event needs.

  • Question Text
    • Ticket holder's first name, last name and email address will be asked for each ticket ordered, so you do not need to ask this information.
  • Question Type
    • Yes/No
    • Five Star
    • Short Answer
    • Long Answer
    • Dropdown
    • Radio List 
      • Allows for a single choice
    • Checklist
      • Allows for multiple choices
    • Waiver
      • Input your required waiver text and attendees will not be able to proceed with checkout until they agree to the waiver terms.
  • Require a Response
    • Control what questions your attendee is required to answer before they can complete their order.
  • Ask Once per Order
    • indicates this question will only be asked once per order, regardless of the number of tickets purchased. Otherwise the question will be asked for each ticket ordered.
  • Tickets Available
    • This field sets the maximum number of tickets available for sale.
  • Ticket Types
    • Limit the question to only the selected ticket types. If no ticket types are selected, then the question will appear for all ticket types.

When you have finished editing the fields, click ‘Save’.

Note: You can choose to give your attendees access to later return and edit the answers they give during checkout. If you would like the questions open for editing, simply set the expiration date for the edits under "Settings" to the appropriate date.  Attendees will see the questions on their "Ticket" screen on

If you have existing checkout questions, they will be visible in the grid on the ‘Checkout Questions’ tab. To edit a question at any time simply click its name and you will be taken back to the edit form.  Drag and drop the questions in the grid to set the order on the checkout screen.

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