Create and Manage Ticket Types

To create a new ticket type, click the ‘Add Ticket Type’ button. On the subsequent form you’ll be asked to enter:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Price
    • The minimum ticket price we support is $10 USD, unless you are doing free ticketing for your event, you can enter $0.00.
  • Tickets Available
    • This field sets the maximum number of tickets available for sale.
  • Purchase Limit
    • This field sets a limit of the number of tickets that may be purchased by an attendee. Note: the system imposes a 10 ticket limit per ticket type per transaction.
  • Active
    • Is Active is used to indicate whether or not this ticket type is currently available for sale. Once the ‘Is Active’ field is selected, you must still publish the ticketing feature for your event before they will be available to purchase.

When you have finished editing the ticket type fields, click ‘Save’ to submit the new ticket type.

If you have existing ticket types, they will be visible in the grid on the ‘Ticket Types’ tab. To edit a ticket type at any time simply click its name and you will be taken back to the ticket type edit form.

Your attendees may want to contact you regarding your event or their ticket purchase.  Your event website will have a contact form.  Please review the Contact Email and Contact Phone number listed for your event.  You can read more about this here.

Read more about ticketing here:



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